Urban Decay Oz Palette, Theodora – Spring eyes for a winter day

Today is gross – it’s winter and I’m ready for summer. I woke up this morning, peeked out the window and saw…snow. Womp, womp, womppp. Gray mornings make me want to stay under the covers all day, which is cozy but means I get nothing done. Today I had things to do and have work later, so I dragged my rumpus outta bed and decided to perk myself up by using my brand-spankin’ new UD Oz palette for springtime eyes.

For this look, I used my UD eyeshadow primer, Good Karma brush, and (obviously) my new Theodora Oz palette. The site format likes to shrink photos so, as usual, click to enlarge.

Start with naked lids –

Nothing on except some bothersome contacts (hmph).

Nothing on except some bothersome contacts (hmph).

Prime your eyelids and let the primer set for a couple seconds. I prefer UD but it’s up to you. UD’s shadows work well even w/o primer, but the product helps your shadow last longer and not crease. It also lightens your lid a little so colors pop more.

Primed and ready to go!

Primed and ready to go!

I like to highlight next. I swiped Broken along my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye.

You can't see too much of a difference, but it's there!

You can’t see too much of a difference, but it’s there!

Jealous is a dual-shade – the pot is split between light and dark pearl green shades. I wet my brush and applied the lighter shade on the inner half of my lid and along the inner half of the bottom lash line (which my lashes are hiding from you).

You can apply dry, but I found the wet brush gave me more of the pigmentation I was looking for

You can apply dry, but I found the wet brush gave me more of the pigmentation I was looking for

Spell is also a split pan – half dirty gold, half glittering black. I wet my brush and applied the golden shade to the other half of my lid.

5. Spell, gold

Next up, the crease! The darker shade of Jealous is darker than the lighter shade it shares the pan with (obviously, right?), but isn’t as dark as I wanted it for this. I swept the black shade of Spell along the outer corner and crease of my eye and blended, then went back over it with the darker green of Jealous. Sneaky, sneaky.

With flash

With flash

Without flash

Without flash

Time for liner! The liner included in Theodora is Zero. I love me some black liner, but it can make your eye look smaller so I only use it on the outer halves of my top and bottom lids – that way it lines but doesn’t make your peepers look quite as small as it can if you line the whole shebang. After I lined with Zero, I smudged it some with the black shade in Spell and then curled my lashes and put on mascara.

7. Line and mascara

Easy peasy! The end result, eyes open, with and without flash –

Without flash

Without flash. I need to start holding my camera farther away so I don’t look verging on cross-eyed…

With flash

With flash

I don’t usually wear greens, but I just love something about this Jealous pan. Maybe because it makes me think of a mojito. And I’m liking the springtime smoky look. It’s not in your face, but still outside my usual eye looks. Maybe this is the start of some more adventurous shadowing for this girl? I mean, I do own the Vice Palette, so it’s entirely possible. Hmmm…

Have you snapped up your Oz palette yet and found some looks you love?




9 thoughts on “Urban Decay Oz Palette, Theodora – Spring eyes for a winter day

  1. Oh wow, you acted fast! I’m more interested in Theodora as well. I have a while to wait till I can actually get it from UK-based webshops, and I really enjoyed seeing it on you! Your eyelashes are about 5 times as long as mine LOL

    • Haha, I was just so ready to get my hands on this palette! I liked the Glinda one, but half the colors don’t really show up against my skin so it’s not worth the $49 to me. That’s a bummer but hopefully it’s worth the wait! Aw, thank you! :)

  2. I’m dying to have this palette! I have bribed all the sephoras and Ulta’s in the area to let me have it early! No luck though😦 Your reviews are killing me! haha

    I still don’t know which one I should get? I have a fair complexion.

    • Oh bummer! At least you have 2 days left to decide I guess? Sorry! Well, kind of 😉 haha
      I guess it just depends on the shades you usually reach for – I love Tornado and South in the Glinda palette and like the other shades, but didn’t see myself using the other colors enough to make it worth it. I love both palettes but still think Glinda would look so amazing against fairer skin! Those delicate, shimmering shades? Oh man! Go swatch your heart out on Wednesday though :)

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