Get racy with Victoria’s Secret Nail Pop Lacquer in Scandalous

I told you I’d bring you more Victoria’s Secret Nail Pop Lacquer soon! Today I bring you Scandalous, a fitting name for this classic, va-va-voom red lacquer.

Victoria's Secret Nail Pop Lacquer in Scandalous

Victoria’s Secret Nail Pop Lacquer in Scandalous

Okay, so if you already have a bunch of red shades, this one isn’t the most exciting. But it’s still a beautiful, classic shade of red. On the nail, Scandalous isn’t quite as deep as it is in the bottle; it’s more of a juicy, tomato-type red shade. Still a beauty in my book! I didn’t matte this shade like I did with Get Loud…I wasn’t tempted to for some reason, something about a cherry tomato red matte just didn’t sound enticing to me. Below are one-coat photos (yeah, that’s right – one coat!). The close up shots are a little bubbly – just my top coat acting up on me.

Scandalous with flash (oh my ;) )

Scandalous with flash

Scandalous in natural sunlight

Scandalous in natural sunlight

The pros and cons are essentially the same as with the first two shades I reviewed, Get Loud and Supercharged. But there are a few differences and you might have missed that post (go back and check it out if you did!):

The pros –

  1. It’s a bright, beautiful color that I think anyone could pull off
  2. The consistency is easy to work with – it applied very smoothly with no streaks
  3. This one was a one coater for me! There was one spot on a nail that looked a little patchy and I went over it again, but I think I just applied it too thinly in that spot – more user error than polish failure
  4. …I like the name :)

The cons –

  1. The polish lasted a couple days but tip-wear and chipping cropped up sooner than with salon-brand polishes
  2. I didn’t find the color as true-to-bottle as I like. I was expecting a richer red, although I still like the resulting shade
  3. I forgot to wear a base with this one (oops) and it stained my nails a little pink; hopefully it doesn’t do that when I do wear a base coat with it

My verdict stands from the last post – I like this polish, but I’m not head-over-heels for it. I feel like this one probably has a million dupes out in the polish world, including longer-lasting formulas. However, if you’re in Victoria’s Secret and have a couple extra bucks in your pocket or don’t have many reds in your polish collection, it wouldn’t hurt to snag Scandalous. As previously mentioned, these were a gift – I googled them to try to find a price but could only find them on Ebay, which isn’t the most reliable source for determining a price-point – sorry! I have one more Victoria’s Secret Nail Pop Lacquer to review, so be on the lookout :)


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