Oh Splat! – My favorite KBShimmer Polish everrr

When I was little, I adored confetti cake – okay, who am I kidding, I still love confetti cake. It’s yummy and pretty – a win-win! So when I stumbled across indie polish maker KBShimmer and saw the bottle shot for Oh Splat!, I was instantly sold.
Oh Splat! is a white jelly polish loaded with glitter of all different sizes in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. For those of you a bit unfamiliar with polish lingo like I was when I first started my ever-growing collection, a jelly is like a clear base but with a bit of pigment. This polish is a white jelly, which means that you’ll get a clear-ish white base on the nail. If you put a different color cream polish underneath, it will peek through the white jelly.

Wanna see the bottle that lured me in? Choose wisely – once you fall in love with the bottle shot there’s no going back! Click to enlarge:

gahhh, how fantastic is this bottle

gahhh, how fantastic is this bottle

Christy, the genius behind KBShimmer, explains on her site that she named this polish Oh Splat! because it reminds her of a painter’s drop cloth or an abstract painting. I paint, so I can totally see that. But…I love cake more…which is probably why I see confetti cake before I see paint 99% of the time. I might go bake after I post this. Judge me, whatevs.

You have a couple painting options with Oh Splat! This is a jelly, which means it can be built up to opacity. Christy suggests using 3 thin coats of this polish on its own. However, there is still a chance of VNL (visible nail line) that way…plus you use more of this wonderful polish. What I prefer (and did for this post) is to put on a pair of undies. Say what? That’s my way of saying I used one coat of a cream polish first to get rid of any VNL, plus it results in only needing 1 or 2 coats of Oh Splat! depending on my mood.

Ready for pictures? Are you sure? This polish is amazinggg, so hide your debit/credit card first. I used 2 coats over 1 coat of a white cream polish. Please ignore my sloppy cuticle area, my undie-coat wasn’t cooperating and I finally just gave up on post-painting clean-up.  Click to enlarge (blah, blah, blah, you know the drill by now):

Natural lighting

Natural lighting

Natural lighting

Natural lighting

KBShimmer Oh Splat!

More natural lighting. Why no flash? The glitter on top got really excited by the flash and the shine off of it obliterated all detail.

Up close and personal

Up close and personal so you can see all the different sizes of glitter. I got really excited and bumped my ring finger before my top coat finished doing it’s thing, so please ignore the divot there.

*Swoon* This polish is jam-packed with glitter. It looked fabulous with 1 coat over my undies – you could stop at 1 and have a fun manicure just like that. I used 2 though because when you use 2 coats, you end up with glitters on top and peeking through the jelly, which gives the polish more depth. Plus this polish is jam-packed with glitter, so it’s like I’ve got the ultimate birthday fiesta on my nails with 2 coats.

The pros:

  1. I don’t know how much experience you guys have with indie glitters, but they can be a chunky-monkey mess. This one is not, hallelujah! It goes on smoothly and evenly, although you still need a topcoat.
  2. It’s fun and cute. Maybe not the most work appropriate if you work in a business office for corporate America, but I work with kids – it’s perfect for work and play for this blogger!
  3. It’s got good lasting power.
  4. The glitter doesn’t bleed and make your white jelly base look horrendous.

The cons:

  1. Taking glitters off is a pain in the rumpus. But Christy is wonderful and sends you a glitter-removal-tips card with your polish.

Only 1 con? Yeah, I kind of am in love with this polish. Like if I was going to get stranded on a remote island and could only bring 5 polishes with me (why would you need polish on a remote island? I have no idea. I guess to make your situation a little brighter), this would certainly make the cut. And I’d cry and make smoke signals for more when the bottle ran out. So my verdict? I think you know. I own a handful of indies, but this is by far my most reached-for. I love itttt.

Some tips and tricks for those of you new to the indie glitter scene though.

  1. Let your polish dry in between coats or you will end up with odd naked spots where you’ve swept away all the glitter and opacity. This is a good polish to use when you don’t want to do the dishes or something (“Sweetie, how can I do the dishes when my nails are wet? My mani has to dry so it doesn’t get fugly…can you do the dishes tonight? And grab me some wine while you’re up?” Mwahaha.).
  2. Sometimes large glitter won’t want to be your friend. When you sweep on the polish, most glitter will sweep to the tip of your nail. You will most likely have to dab the polish on so that you get even glitter coverage. Oh Splat! will give you little glitters everywhere when swept on, but the larger hex pieces need a little dabbling. Just do it. It’s worth it.
  3. Use a top coat! 1 coat is okay, 2 coats is best.
  4. Big glitters sink. So? So you need to shake up your bottle before you apply. I like to turn mine upside-down for a couple minutes first, then roll and gently shake the bottle to make sure all the glitter is moving around and not hiding from me.
  5. Use the foil method to remove (not the math foil method). Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and set it on top of your nail. Wrap said nail in aluminum foil so that you have a wonky-looking claw finger and then just chill for a bit – I usually wait 5 minutes or so. Slowly pull the foil-claw off your finger, gently twisting as you do. Voila! You should have a glitter-free nail if you did it right. If you don’t do this, you will spend an eternity trying to scrub stubborn glitter off your nail and will curse the day you ever tried a glitter-bomb polish, trust me.

Oh Splat! can be purchased for $8.75 for a 15ml/.5oz bottle on KBShimmer.com, Christy’s Etsy page,  or Harlow & Co. (for $9). KBShimmer also has a Facebook page and Twitter account where you can get shop updates.

What’s your verdict on Oh Splat!?

7 thoughts on “Oh Splat! – My favorite KBShimmer Polish everrr

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      • Which other KBShimmer polishes do you have? I have Candy Cane Crush and love it, and always like to hear what other people have by hers and how they like it.:)

      • I almost bought that one but didn’t! I wasn’t sure I’d wear it outside of Xmas, but now I’m thinking I could use it for Valentine nails. I also have Quantum Leaf and Witch Way – I love both! Some of the big hex pieces in Quantum are a little pesky but it’s worth it to me for such a unique fall polish. And Witch Way is gorgeousss. I’ll post swatches of both as soon as I can get myself to take Oh Splat! off my nails, lol.

      • Witch Way looks stunning…I may have to buy that one eventually! And CCC is perfect for Valentine’s Day – I’m actually going to swatch it that way this week, so keep your eye out!😀

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