Want to look like a princess? Sephora’s Jasmine Collection is Coming!

Sephora has just released a sneak peek into its newest Disney collection – Jasmine! Sephora, you’re such a tease. The Cinderella collection was a hit and I suspect this one will be no different – and much more up this blogger’s alley!

While Cinderella’s colors were more light with some darker neutrals thrown in, expect more brights and jewel tones for Jasmine.





I definitely want that compact! The gorgeously detailed outside reminds me of my time in Morocco and the inside reads “Shut your eyes and take a chance” – I love it!

My only hope is that my two favorite Disney girls are on their way soon – Belle and Alice (sorry Jasmine, you’re up there too – just not quite at the top. Ariel is right under you). I would run to Sephora and buy every piece immediately. With Jasmine I’ll probably be a little pickier.

You can see Sephora’s YouTube teaser trailer for their launch here. The Jasmine Collection will be available this March exclusively at Sephora. You can still buy some of the Cinderella pieces at Sephora’s website.

So what do you think ladies and gents? Is your inner princess urging you to go snap up some Jasmine pieces? Mine is!

8 thoughts on “Want to look like a princess? Sephora’s Jasmine Collection is Coming!

  1. Belle is my favorite also, though Jasmine is up there with her. There are some other’s that I’m looking forward to seeing. Ariel will be fun – hopefully lots of bights in that one. Sleepy beauty could have some lovely options too, though I anticipate it being softer colors like Cinderella. You could have a lot of fun with Alice; I wonder if they will make a collection for her.

    • I know she’s not, but she’s still one of my favorite Disney characters so a girl can hope! Snow White would be a beautiful collection that I’d like to see.

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