Got a sweet tooth? Try Let Them Eat Cake by Pretty & Polished

I majored in history and also have a major sweet tooth – how could I resist a polish inspired by history and meant to resemble a rich cake? I couldn’t resist. I stood no chance whatsoever. Thanks a lot Pretty & Polished!

Let Them Eat Cake is part of the Save the Dauphine collection, a collection of polishes made to represent the ill-fated Marie Antoinette.

Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria, the late...

During a bread shortage in France, Marie was told that the people did not have enough bread to eat and was rumored to have replied with, “Let them eat cake!” Poor Marie, she never actually said that. Anyways, this polish was inspired by that comment. Made to represent a rich cake filled with cream and berries, this white polish is filled with white, light pink, dark pink, and yellow glitter in various shapes and sizes. There is no mention of purple on the Pretty & Polished description, but my polish looks like it has little glitter flecks of lavender in it as well.

Ready for the bottle shots? As usual, click to enlarge:





How amazing are those bottle shots? That’s what lured me to this polish – the bottle looks like it’s got liquid cupcake in it. How does that translate to the nail? I used two coats over an undies-layer of white, plus base and top coat. Check it out:

Pretty&Polished Pretty&PolishedPretty&Polished

So cute! Please ignore my cuticle area, I had problems with my undies-coat again. I think I just need to pitch the bottle I use because it’s driving me crazy.

The pros:

  1. Surprisingly opaque for an indie glitter polish.
  2. It’s so dainty and feminine looking! It makes me think of an Easter cupcake on my nails.
  3. Dry time was good, it didn’t take ages before I could put my second coat on.

The cons:

  1. Sometimes those bigger pink glitters just don’t want to cooperate and dabbing made my nails a little chunky-monkey in some spots.
  2. White glitter in a white base is hard to spot. I plan on using a thin coat of this over a pink-ish base to see if that makes them pop without losing the pink glitters.


My verdict? I’m really pleased with this polish! It’s fun and perfect for spring. The Save the Dauphine collection (plus oodles of other fun polishes) can be purchased for $5/7ml mini bottle or $9/15ml full-sized bottle on the Pretty & Polished website or on the company Etsy page. Go check out this fun indie brand!

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