Naked Eyes, Urban Decay Style – Another Shadow Tutorial

I know the Naked 1 palette has been out for quite some time now and I’m sure all you beauty junkies have been playing with it forever since its big debut. I still love it to pieces. Literally, to pieces – the case on mine is starting to look a smidge battered, but I try to keep it pretty.

This post came about for a few reasons…

  1. I love this palette and use it almost daily. It’s my go-to for both simple and complicated shadow looks.
  2. Ladies at work ask how I do my shadow half the time I wear this palette – I show them the palette and do some demonstrations and they usually leave with it in hand. I credit the amazingness of the palette for this rather than myself.
  3. My skin is going batsh*t crazy right now so I don’t want any posts involving the majority of my face. Which limits things a bit.

Ready to check out my warm, yummy Naked eye look? If you have the Naked palette, go grab it and a mirror and follow along! Ok, here we go –

1. Prime those babies. Primer is a Godsend, trust me.

1. Prime lids

2. Buff some Naked into the crease – it will help shades transition later. It really is naked on me but I swear it’s there!

2. Naked in Crease

3. Pat Half-Baked onto the inner half of your eye and lightly line the inner half of the bottom eyelid with it.

3. Half Baked in inner half

4. Put Smog on the outer half of your eye and lightly blend it with Half Baked where the shades meet.

4. Smog in outer half

5. Put Dark Horse on the outer v of your eye, making it darker around the very edge. Then line the outer half of your bottom lid with it. Blend the shade where it meets Smog (top lid) and Half Baked (lower lash line).

5. Dark Horse on outer v

6. Buff Buck into your crease, blending it out into the Naked shade you put on earlier. Lightly blend your lid again so that the shades transition seamlessly into one another.

6. Buck in crease

7. Line with your eyeliner of choice, top and bottom – I used UD’s 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero, then smudge it out with Creep.

7. Liner and smudge of Creep

8. Highlight your brow bone and inner v with Virgin. Some people do this step first – it’s up to you! I flip the order I do it in back and forth.

8. Virgin on brow and inner v

9. Slap some mascara on (I used L’Oreal Voluminous False Lash Mascara) and you’re done! Hooray! See, it’s not hard.

9. Finish2


1. Bare

And after! Whoa!

9. Finish

Have you found any go-to looks with the Naked palette? This is one of my fall-back looks!

8 thoughts on “Naked Eyes, Urban Decay Style – Another Shadow Tutorial

  1. I love your brows – ugh! Where have you been all my life? This look is awesome – it really compliments your skin. You clearly have a great grasp of color – this makes everything pop!

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