Join the Cult! Tulum by Cult Nails

I first heard about Cult Nails through the grapevine and held out for a while (I knew another indie polish brand would be bad news bears for my bank account). I finally gave in to curiosity and, not surprisingly, wanted every polish on the site. I probably don’t even need to say it because I’m sure you have guessed by now, but I joined the Cult.

The bold colors and sparkling top coats caught my eye, but I kept getting drawn back to the shades from the Let’s Get Nekkid Collection. The first thing that drew me to this collection was the name. Nekkid is how I say naked half the time and I crack myself up every time I do, haha. The second thing that drew me to this collection and kept me there is Cult’s gorgeous take on nudes. There were originally five shades in this collection but only three are still available – naturally, I bought all three (Baker, Tulum, and Swanborne). So why is this post only on Tulum? Because I didn’t want to take it off my nails. Mani problems.

Tulum is a light brown with gold shimmer. Here’s the bottle, click to enlarge as usual:


Look at that shimmer! This bottle shot sucked me right in. Nail shots, here we go! Definitely click to enlarge these so you get a better look at the gold in this polish –

Tulum5 Tulum4 Tulum1

Indoor lighting, no flash

Indoor lighting, no flash

Indoor lighting, flash

Indoor lighting, flash

So pretty!!! I used 2-3 thin coats, plus base and top coat. My index finger doesn’t have tip wear from the polish – my quick dry top coat was just quick dry enough for me.

The pros:

  1. The formula is a great consistency. It’s thin, but not too thin. Huh? What I mean is that it goes on easily without pooling and with nice coverage, plus it dries fast because it’s thinner.
  2. That gold shimmer! It’s subtle but eye-catching, especially in the sun.
  3. It’s sheer on the first coat but builds up nicely to opacity. The second coat was enough for most nails, but some needed three.
  4. It’s fun but office-appropriate at the same time.
  5. My order was filled later the same day I ordered it and arrived super fast. And the polish was snug as a bug in little tissue paper burritos, keeping them safe on their journey to me.

The cons:

  1. It seemed a little thicker on my nail tips as if it pooled a little, although I didn’t think it did? I’m calling user-error on this one.
  2. My hubs said it made him think of sparkly poop. Gah, guys. I think he’s totally wrong, it looks like a rich, shimmery chocolate milk! Really there were no cons here.

My verdict? I can’t wait to try the other two polishes I got from the Nekkid Collection! Ya know, once I can bring myself to take Tulum off…

You can snag this for sale (!) for $7/15ml bottle on the Cult Nails website.

4 thoughts on “Join the Cult! Tulum by Cult Nails

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