The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin-Care

A few months ago I was having a lot of trouble with my skin. It was breaking out left and right and alternated between being too dry or too oily. I tried a couple of skin care products and the ones that worked best for me were by Neutrogena. For some reason they’ve stopped working in the past few weeks – my skin is going berserk. So what’s a girl to do?

I had heard about tea tree oil before. The chemicals in tea tree oil help to reduce bacteria and fungus (ew), as well as allergic skin reactions. This means that the oil is well suited for treating many topical problems, acne among them. Pure tea tree oil can be irritating to the skin though because of its strength, so you can dilute it yourself or buy it in a diluted concentration.

Enter The Body Shop. The Body Shop offers several tea-tree based skin care products, designed to clear and treat blemishes. The products blend tea tree oil, lemon tea tree oil, and tamanu oil to deep clean without stripping or drying skin while healing acne. I treat my skin in multiple steps – I wash, tone, moisturize, and spot treat – so I knew that I wanted to get tea-tree based products to do the same. The Body Shop sells each of those products separately, as well as in a 4-piece kit.

Naturally, I bought the kit

Naturally, I bought the kit

Each of the products in the kit was $9-$11 on its own, but the kit is $29. I plan on using each of the pieces, so it made more sense to just get the kit since everything in it is full-size. Here is the kit once it’s opened –


The kit contains a facial wash, toner, lotion, and vial of tea tree oil for spot treating.

  1. Face wash: It was more liquidy than the creams and gels I’ve used in the past. I wasn’t sure if the wash was making it all the way to my face or slipping out of my hands until I rinsed my face after and could feel a difference.
  2. Toner: It’s a shake-to-activate product and you really have to shake it well because a lot settles to the bottom of the bottle. Other than that this was no different texture or feel-wise than any other toner I’ve used.
  3. Lotion: I was a little let down with the size of the lotion. Although it is the full-size product, the container is quite smaller than the face wash and toner. I guess the idea is that a little lotion goes a long way but it’s a mattifying lotion, so my skin doesn’t feel as moisturized after using it as it does with other lotions. Which meant I used more than I was probably supposed to to get the same feeling.
  4. Oil: I thought I broke this when I first opened it. You have to twist the cap off and you can hear/feel that crack of a first-time opening – and then it popped off to reveal a little opening in a plastic nub sticking out of the top of the bottle. I shook it upside down, smacked at it, etc, and nothing was coming out. I was convinced that I had separated the cap from something that was supposed to stay in the cap and was now stuck in the bottle. As it turns out, that is how it’s supposed to look. The oil slowly came out after a little more coaxing and then came out quite fast after that. The design of the bottle top is meant to give you small drops of oil.

I just started using this kit so it’s still too soon for me to weigh in on how well it works. However, I can say that I like the way it makes my skin feel – it feels clean without feeling stripped. A word of warning – this product does have a strong smell. Surprisingly, it doesn’t bother me (the scent of Stila’s skincare makes me gag and run to wash it all off). It’s like a general outdoors meets pine-tree scent, maybe a little PineSol-ish. I don’t love that scent, but I don’t mind it and it doesn’t bother my asthma or my gag-reflex. You can buy this kit on The Body Shop’s website or in beauty and skincare stores.

I’ll update you on how this kit works as I continue to use it! Have any of you ever used tea tree oil for your skin before? Think it will work for me?

2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin-Care

  1. I have the face wash and I really like it. It gives such a cooling sensation on my skin, and I love that. The smell is very present, but I personally don’t mind it.

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