Pretty & Polished Peebles!

Last time I ordered from Pretty & Polished, I got on the company site just to order Let Them Eat Cake – and, naturally, could not restrict myself to just one polish. I got three in total on that order and you’ve already met one. Today I bring you a polish from the Mathematical!! Collection, Peebles.

Peebles was inspired by Adventure Time’s Princess Bubblegum. Unfamiliar with the show? I was too so I looked up the character. Here she is –


Very pink! The polish Peebles does her justice. According to the Pretty & Polished website, “Like the character, Peebles is a squishy pink filled with pink and yellow fun!”


Bottle shot

Bottle shot

The glitter sinks, but man is it pretty!

The glitter sinks, but man is it pretty!

This polish is a bright, bright pink, like a hot pink bordering on neon depending on how many coats you have on. It’s filled with pink and yellow hex glitters, as well as little pink and yellow glitters. I swiped some on a nail as soon as I got it just to see how opaque it is and decided to put down a light pink undies coat first since it’s pretty sheer (and I hate VNL). This is 2 coats of Peebles over an undies coat, plus base and top coat. Click to enlarge (blah, blah blah):

Peebles Peebles Peebles

The above photos are all in natural lighting. Beautiful, but a smidge hard for my camera to detect the small glitter. So I turned on a light inside and used the flash for the next two photos. They’re a little washed out but let the small glitter sparkle.

Peebles Peebles

The pros:

  1. Pretty & Polished wasn’t lying when they said it was squishy!
  2. I don’t think I have anything else quite like this. It’s super bright and definitely fun – I felt like I had pink lemonade on my fingernails.
  3. Application was easy. The hex glitter pulls towards the tips a bit, but it’s not bad. Plus I got good glitter coverage overall.
  4. Dry time was fast.
  5. It didn’t get as chunky monkey as Let Them Eat Cake, I think because the formula is noticeably thinner.

The cons:

  1. Man does that glitter sink. I paused between applying on each hand and didn’t put the bottle upside down in between. My first brush dip came up with no hex glitter at all! Definitely let this bottle sit upside down for a bit and then really shake before application.
  2. I put it on at night and then lugged a cart around the school the next morning and one of my nails immediately chipped. Nooo! None of my other nails chipped but I did get tip wear a little fast.

My verdict? This is such a fun, girly polish! I can’t wait to wear this in the spring and summer. It’s a unique color combination that I don’t already own and I like that it’s thin enough that I can build it to the coverage I want. You can buy Peebles for $9/15ml on the Pretty & Polished website or on the company’s Etsy shop.

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